The EBB is the association for companies producing biodiesel (HVO and FAME) in the EU.

We represent biodiesel producers using all feedstocks: food/feed crops, waste, residues, and other innovative biogenic materials. Biodiesel is used primarily as a substitute for fossil fuels in transport, but production forms part of a value chain generating co-products such as food, feed, biochemicals and biopolymers.

European policies have historically encouraged biodiesel production to develop the protein and energy independence of the European Union while generating income for EU farmers. Thanks to these policies, the EU is now the largest global biodiesel producer and market.

The EBB has been the authoritative voice of the biodiesel industry since its foundation in 1997. For decades we have worked alongside policymakers to ensure European regulation is as appropriate and effective as possible, developing an unrivalled understanding of the regulatory process and its impact on our industry.