Austrian Biomass Association

The Austrian Biomass Association represents …
… the largest domestic energy resource, whose raw materials from the agriculture, forestry and timber industries as well as from municipal, commercial and industrial biogenic waste.

… the entire energy sector use of biomass from raw material production to private consumers.

The Austrian Biomass Association is …
… for an efficient, resource-saving and sustainable use of biomass to provide heating, cooling, Electricity and fuels.

… for the promotion of biomass as a renewable energy source energy sources in the sense of an energy and climate policy as well as economic optimum.

The Austrian Biomass Association calls for …
… a rapid energy transition with clear targets and ambitious measures to reduce energy consumption and Expansion of renewable, climate-friendly and regional energy sources.

… Austria’s leading position in Europe in terms of field of strength of the energetic use of biomass in order to jobs, technology development and exports.

The Austrian Biomass Association is …
… as an independent education and training Information hub for business, politics, science and consumers on energy and climate protection issues with the Focus on the energetic use of biomass.

… as a competent representation of interests in the service of the biomass sector in order to improve the normative, legal and regulatory framework, as well as the competitiveness of the energetic use of biomass.

… as an adult education institution that various educational and information offers for both professional audiences and as well as to broad sections of the population.

… as a provider of technical Continuing education and training opportunities, the completion of which will improve the skills in the field of biomass sector and thus provide an additional qualification in technical professions.

… as a learning organisation, for which there is a constant Improving and ensuring the quality of all activities of central importance and that is appreciated by its employees requires and promotes ongoing training. Education for sustainable Development is a key element.

Activities of the Austrian Biomass Association
In order to implement the association’s goals, the Austrian Biomass Association implements a number of activities:

Implementation of educational and information measures, such as conferences, specialist events, etc.
Performance relevant training measures, in particular basic and Continuing education seminars for technicians
Publication of publications, in particular to support various educational measures
Development of position papers and concepts on various issues of energy policy and the use of biomass
Extensive lecturing and collaboration in the field of education with organisations with similar objectives
Influence on the national and international decision-making process in the energy and environmental policy, as well as comprehensive information provision for politics and business about the possible applications and advantages of biomass as an energy source
Education and providing information to people who are involved in their practical professions working with biomass, particularly in the fields of heat, Electricity, biofuels and biogas
Intensification of the cooperation between application, companies, industry, research and science, in particular through various educational opportunities
Improving the marketing opportunities of biogenic energy sources.