A Filtration Group company, Amafilter® provide trusted filtration technology to customers around the world, making their operations more productive and sustainable.

With over 90 years expertise, Amafilter® deliver efficient filtration solutions for the separation of solids and liquids, with particular focus in applications with viscous fluids and with high solid load, where our cake filtration technologies excel.

Amafilter® has extensive expertise in renewable fuel filtration and can provide the complete product solution for the pre-treatment of non-edible crude vegetable oil, UCO and animal fat.  They offer filtration solutions which can improve productivity and product quality as well as provide solutions when alternative biomass sources are utilised, assisting to find the perfect filtration solution for customer’s requirements.

Their product range includes the Cricketfilter®, horizontal and vertical pressure filter leaf systems, cartridge and bag filter housings, as well as process filtration spares to meet the most demanding applications.

Amafilter® believe that the future lies with the development of products that deliver cutting-edge filtration solutions and have a direct impact on customers application processes leading to safer and more profitable operations.

The Amafilter® product range is designed to meet the most stringent safety and environmental regulations, and they work closely with customers to custom design products that meet specific requirements.

TheAmafilter® service teams deliver world class service and support across the globe, using their expertise and technical knowhow to optimise plants filtration processes, making the world safer, healthier and more productive®


Amafilter® filtration solutions help businesses worldwide reduce maintenance costs and time and increase production capacity for the food & beverages, minerals & mining and chemical industries.

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