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International Biogas Congress & Expo - BRUSSELS - 22-23 OCTOBER 2019 - Bringing biomass markets closer

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International Biogas Congress & Expo - innovations in biogas

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Biofuels International Conference & Expo -  - BRUSSELS - 22-23 OCTOBER 2019 - Listen, learn and network

LIMITED EXHIBITION SPACE - BOOK NOW - INTERESTED IN SUBMITTING A PAPER - CLICK HEREThe International Biogas Congress & Expo aims to bring together leading producers, suppliers, regulators and other engaged organisations over a two day period. High-level speakers, experts in their field, will address a range of topical issues relating to the biogas sector.

Brought to you by Bioenergy Insight, the leading international biogas magazine, this year’s conference will be co-located with the International Biomass Congress & Expo as well as the renowned Biofuels International Conference and Expo, making this series of bio events our largest gathering yet of bio related companies, giving participants unrivalled coverage.

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Agenda - subject to change

DAY ONE: 22nd October 2019

9:20 Welcoming remarks from the Chair
Harm Grobrügge, President, European Biogas Association

9:30 Biogas and its role in European renewable energy policy beyond 2020

Malcolm L. McDowell, DG Energy, European Commission

10:00 Vision 2050+ – The Role of Biomethane in a Decarbonized World
Zoltan Elek, CEO, Landwarme

10:30 Market outlook for biogas in Europe – demand, supply & sustainability
Joseph Dutton, Policy Advisor, E3G

STX11:00 Networking break
kindly sponsored by STX Commodities

11:30 Overview of the Global Biomethane market

  • Biomethane goes global: Key drivers and future trends by region
  • European leadership
  • Massive investment in the United States
  • Emerging Asia: the next giant

Sylvie Cornot-Gandolphe, Energy Consultant, Cedigaz

12:00 The DRANCO plants in Brecht (Belgium): producing biogas from biowaste since 1992”
Peter Magielse, IGEAN and Bruno Mattheeuws, OWS

12:30 Experience and outlook on large scale biogas production based on the GoBiGas-project

  • Description of the process converting woody biomass to biomethane via gasification.
  • Experience and cost of the demonstration plant
  • Suggestions for future projects based on these experiences

Henrik Thunman, Chalmers University of Technology

anellotech1:00 Networking lunch
kindly sponsored by Anellotech

2:20 Opening remarks from the chair
Harm Grobrügge, President, European Biogas Association

2:30 Biogas’ contribution to Net Zero

Charlotte Morton, CEO, ADBA (Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association)

3:00 Investor insight: securing finance for growth in the Biogas Market

  • Market growth across Europe
  • Current bottlenecks in biogas financing

François Pasquier, Investment Director, Swen Capital Partners

3:30 How can we make sure that biogas takes its rightful role in the energy transition?
Andreas Guth, Policy Director, Eurogas

STX4:00 Networking break
kindly sponsored by STX Commodities

4:30 Case study: The anaerobic digestion market in the UK

  • Why the market can’t survive without fiscal incentives

Mark Christensen, Director, BioSci

5:00 Unlocking the potential of poultry manure for biogas production

Riku Mäkinen, President, Ductor EMEA

Nature Energy5:30 Networking drinks
kindly sponsored by nature energy

DAY TWO: 23rd October 2019

9:20 Welcoming remarks from the Chair
Richard Gueterbock, Director, Foodchains

9:30 A world run entirely on Green Energy

  • How can we address this challenge and what role can green gas play
  • Exploring anaerobic digestion, gasification and hydrogen
  • How hydrogen and renewables can deliver advantages to the power grid and gas grid in the green transition

Damien Speight, Head of Business Innovation, Orsted

10:00 The role of Biogas in a Circular Economy

Mikkel Kynde, Portfolio Manager, Nature Energy

10:30 Case study: Belgium’s first Biomethane Plant

Maarten Holtkamp, Sales Director, Bright BioMethane & IOK Afvalbeheer

STX11:00 Networking break
kindly sponsored by STX Commodities

11:30 Biomethane Potential and Challenges in Europe

  • Biomethane from anerobic digestion and gasification
  • Market outlook
  • Production costs
  • Regulation

Olivier Guerrini, Industrial Director – Renewable Gas, Engie

12:00 Belgian case study: Biomethane injection into the Grid

  • The first green gas register
  • Guarantees of origin

Dirk Focroul, Product Manager, Fluxys Belgium

12:30 Biomethane Trading

  • European Biogas market
  • International and cross border trading

Carlo Giallombardo, Senior Business Developer, AFS Energy

anellotech1:00 Networking lunch
kindly sponsored by Anellotech

2:20 Opening remarks from the Chair
Jan Lehmann, Environmental Commodities, STX Group

2:30 Bringing biomethane on the road: hurdles and opportunities for the German biogas market

Alexey Mozgovoy, German Biogas Association

3:00 Longterm future of the Biogas Sector

Markus Ott, Director, Agraform Technologies

STX3:30 Networking break
kindly sponsored by STX Commodities

4:00 Green Gas Certificates, looking at how they help to regulate the market, pricing and what other countries could learn form such a scheme

Jesse Scharf, Manager, Green Gas Certification Scheme

4:30 Sulaway, a new technology of desulphurization without waste

Patrick Bakker, Sales Manager, Gazpack

5:00 Conference closes


If you wish to give a presentation at this year’s event
please email your abstract to

Speaker Biographies

Damien Speight

Damien Speight
Head of Business Innovation

Click for bio

Damien brings more than 20 years of experience from the global energy markets. Having managed a $4 billion commodities portfolio, he is skilled in Commodity Trading & Risk Management.

A Harvard Business School Alumni, Damien is a passionate advocate of Design Thinking to deliver solution driven Innovation. Within this field some of his proudest achievements include exchange-based product innovations listing and launching TTF now one of the leading global gas index hubs. Developing the world’s largest biomass generating plant in the UK whilst establishing the global industrial wood pellet market.

Today, Damien is motivated by perhaps the biggest innovation challenge; to deliver a world that runs entirely on green energy.

Henrik Thunman

Henrik Thunman
Chalmers University of Technology

Click for bio

Prof. Thunman is professor in thermochemical conversion at the division of Energy Technology at Chalmers, where he also acts as Head of Division. He is also elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, where he acts as Vice Chair of the Section of Chemical Engineering since 2017. His initial research focus was on modelling of biomass combustion, which also was the topic of his dissertation in 2001. Since, then the research has been broadening into energy system modeling and during the last 10-years towards dual bed gasification processes, where he has been responsible for the research connected to the first-of-its-kind biomass to biomethane via gasification demonstration, the GoBiGas-plant.

François Pasquier

François Pasquier
Investment Director
Swen Capital Partners

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Investor with 15 years experience in the renewable sector. Former Investment Director at Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, the French public investment body.

Participated in the first biomethane projects in France, and associated to the structuring of the first investment Fund dedicated to biomethane production in Europe.

Works at SWEN Capital Partners, an asset management company leader in field of ESG and Impact investing.

Mark Christensen

Mark Christensen

Click for bio

Mark Christensen has over 20 years’ experience in complex technical project development, specialising in biogas, biomass, refined fuel production and advanced mechanical recycling. He has led consortia bids for the PFI era of waste contracts, tech co fund raising and business case development, plus worked for German, Austrian, Irish, Indian, Norwegian and British engineering companies. He has been an Expert Witness on EfW schemes and more recently on commercialisation opportunities for bio-chemicals production from biorefinery scale up.

Zoltan Elek

Zoltan Elek

Click for bio

Zoltan Elek graduated from Technical University of Munich in electrical engineering with a major in energy technology. In addition, he graduated from the Center for Digital Technology and Management at the Ludwig- Maximilians-Universität Munich, participated in an MBA program in cooperation with University of California (Berkeley), and completed an executive program at Harvard Business School.

After his employment at E.ON Engineering, Stadtwerke München, and McKinsey & Company, Mr Elek founded Landwärme GmbH in 2007 and is now managing director of the Germany-based company. Landwärme is a biomethane supplier active in the European market. With a trading portfolio of 2.5 TWh, Landwärme is now Europe’s leading biomethane trader. Besides the trade of biomethane, Landwärme plans and operates biogas upgrading plants and offers services along the entire biomethane value chain. As a founding member of the ERGaR, establishing the first European Renewable Gas Registry, Landwärme actively takes on a role lowering the bar toward an integrated European market for renewable gas. Hence, Mr Elek offers around 10 years of experience in and well-founded knowledge of the biomethane industry and markets in Europe. He has given numerous presentations at conferences on renewable energies and biomethane in particular.

Jesse Scharf

Jesse Scharf
Green Gas Certification Scheme

Click for bio

Jesse is the Manager of the Green Gas Certification Scheme, a biomethane registry generating Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs) for 60 biomethane plants in the UK. As well as overseeing the day to day operation of the Scheme he is responsible for developing and implementing new projects such as the issuing GoO for renewable propane. He is also the Scheme’s representative within the European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR) group.

Alexey Mozgovoy

Alexey Mozgovoy
Staff Unit for biomethane
German Biogas Association

Click for bio

Alexey Mozgovoy is Staff Unit for biomethane at the German Biogas Association. He is responsible for the support of the stakeholders in the technical, legal and economic issues regarding biomethane usage as a fuel. Alexey Mozgovoy has more than 10 years of experience with renewable energy and natural gas supply systems. He is an author of many papers on the topic of LNG and bioLNG application as a fuel gas for industry, transportation and network-connected gas supply published in renowned technical and scientific journals. He has organized and led many research and industrial projects on the integration of power-to-gas, LNG and bioLNG into the energy system.

Malcolm L. McDowell

Malcolm L. McDowell
DG Energy
European Commission

Click for bio

Malcolm L. McDowell has been working in DG Energy for close to 8 years, previously responsible for the oil refining sector and working as oil and gas analyst and currently working on biofuels and responsible for renewable gases since September 2017.

He also worked previously in industry, including as Head of EU Affairs at Neste and for a number of years in the banking industry, including as equity research analyst in French bank Société Générale and then as Economic Adviser at the European Savings Banks Group and as Head of Economic Affairs at the European Mortgage Federation.

He has a Master of Science in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics from University College, London and a Master of Arts in Philosophy and Economics from the University of Edinburgh.

Sylvie Cornot-Gandolphe

Sylvie Cornot-Gandolphe
Energy Consultant

Click for bio

Sylvie Cornot-Gandolphe is an independent consultant on energy and raw materials, focusing on international issues. Since 2014, she has collaborated with CEDIGAZ, the international centre of information on natural gas of IFPEN, the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) as a Research Fellow and the Energy Centre of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) as a Research Associate. 

Sylvie has a long and proven experience in global energy markets. From 2006 to 2012, she was Deputy Director of Business Development at ATIC SERVICES, a European leader in the provision of services along the coal chain. From 2001 to 2005, she was Principal Gas Expert in the Office of Long Term Co-operation and Policy Analysis, at the International Energy Agency (IEA). Before joining the IEA, she was Manager of the Technical Cooperation Programme entitled Promotion and Development of a Market-Based Gas Industry in Economies in Transition - Gas Centre, in the Energy Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Geneva, Switzerland. Sylvie was previously General Secretary of CEDIGAZ, an international centre devoted to natural gas information, created by IFPEN (France). 

Sylvie graduated from École Nationale Supérieure du Pétrole et des Moteurs (ENSPM). 

Her latest publications include reports on biomethane, natural gas, LNG, shale gas, LTO, and coal and are available on CEDIGAZ, IFRI and OIES web sites

Carlo Giallombardo

Carlo Giallombardo
Senior Business Developer
AFS Energy

Click for bio

Carlo has been active in the Renewable Energy sector since 2015, focusing on Energy and Climate Policy at EU level, serving as Policy Advisor at Bioenergy Europe (formerly AEBIOM) during the ‘Clean Energy Package’ negotiations, and later as Sustainability Consultant.

In his role at AFS he analyses, designs and tests the market readiness of new and improved products in the field of energy and environmental commodities.

Carlo is fluent in German, Italian and English and holds a MSc from Ghent University.

Andreas Guth

Andreas Guth
Policy Director

Click for bio

Andreas Guth is Policy Director at Eurogas.

Andreas joined Eurogas in June 2019 as Policy Director, where he is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the association’s advocacy work. He brings over a decade of experience in EU affairs in Brussels, and has spent the past six years working for the biofuels industry. In this role he successfully defended the interests of the European ethanol industry on various high-profile cases, including on binding targets for biofuels in transport under the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive II.

Andreas is fluent in English, German, French and Dutch. He holds an MA in political science from the University of Maastricht.

Mikkel Kynde

Mikkel Kynde
Portfolio Manager
Nature Energy

Click for bio

Mikkel is the portfolio manager of Nature Energy Green Gas Sales.

After working in the financial sector for 9 years, he took the position of the Natural gas portfolio at Nature Energy.

The last 5 years Nature Energy went through a transition from Natural Gas distribution and shipping to solely green gas production and trading.

Today Nature Energy is the leading producer of Biomethane in Europe running 10 industrial sized biogas plants in the portfolio.

Mikkel has been part of this journey and today he is managing the green gas portfoilio, and has the responsibility of market the biomethane throughout Europe.

Today Nature Energy has a portfolio of roughly 1 TWh of biomethane, and with futher expansion the years to come Nature energy expects to double the production to 2 TWh in 2021.

As part of the journey Mikkel and the participation in the ERGaR has leed to extensive knowledge of the biomethane trading, and what mechainsim that drives the market.

Maarten Holtkamp

Maarten Holtkamp
Sales Director
Bright BioMethane & IOK Afvalbeheer

Click for bio

Maarten Holtkamp (32) is sales director of Bright Biomethane, a Dutch company specialized in biogas upgrading systems using membrane separation technology and in CO2 liquefaction systems. He graduated from the technical University of Twente in Mechanical Engineering and Advanced Technology with a major in Sustainable Energy Technology. As highly motivated young professional, Maarten is a key player in promoting and developing the biomethane market globally.

Striving to go for each potential contract in existing and new markets, throughout Europe and lately also in the US, and to maintain the upward trend for the sales figures has resulted in a great market share in the rapidly developing biogas and biomethane business. Maarten is specialized in sustainable projects and growth management and is responsible for developing sales strategies. Ever since his graduation he investigates possibilities of using different streams of biomass to produce biomethane and successfully applies this knowledge today to the engineering of biomethane systems.

Riku Mäkinen

Riku Mäkinen
Ductor EMEA

Click for bio

Riku Mäkinen has more than 20 years of experience in various business activities ranging from mid-size to multinational companies. Riku joined Ductor in 2018. He oversees our European operations and helps our clients to utilize Ductor’s unique technology. Riku sees Ductor as an opportunity to be a part of a team that helps clients around the world to increase their profitability and generate new revenue streams on the top of the traditional biogas business. Riku’s experience in financial modeling and business planning is a great asset when Ductor’s customers are designing the investments for the circular economy technologies. The most exciting thing for him about Ductor is the new market-driven and ecological technology. Riku is based in Zug, Switzerland but can often be found in different locations around Europe. Outside the office, he enjoys sailing, snowboarding, cooking and listening to the easy-going music from the 80’s. His favorite book is Sinuhe Egyptian by the famous Finnish author Mika Waltari. Riku holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Sciences from the University of Tampere, Finland. Riku defines change as “something that Ductor enables globally through technology”.

Joseph Dutton

Joseph Dutton
Policy Advisor

Click for bio

Joseph Dutton is a Policy Adviser at energy and environment think-tank E3G. He works across research on the UK’s net zero and energy system policies, Brexit and future UK-EU cooperation, the future of gas, and EU low carbon innovation policies. Previously he was a Research Fellow at the Energy Policy Group at the University of Exeter, researching the politics of UK and European energy policies, renewable energy development, and market integration policies. Prior to this, he worked at price reporting agency Argus Media, covering the UK and northwest European wholesale natural gas markets, and also worked on the Global Gas Security Project at the University of Leicester, analysing the UK gas industry and international gas supply. Joseph started his career working for upstream oil and gas consultancy Douglas-Westwood.

J.P. Warnar

Patrick Bakker
Sales Manager

Click for bio

Patrick Bakker, Sales Manager of Airpack Netherlands, a company with over more than 40 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry. In 2006 Gazpack was founded, a daughter company of Airpack with the focus on cleaning oil gas and biogas. The first pilot plant was built in 2013, at least two pilots followed later and ended up in a final design suitable for patenting.

With the patented Sulaway® desulpharization method, we are able to convert raw biogas into several usable products with no waste.

This year we booked our first biogas plant in the Netherlands, which will be started next year.

New exciting application is extinguishing of the flare of oil and gas plants. In the Middle East many flares must be stopped due to environmental requirements of local governments.

Richard Gueterbock

Richard Gueterbock

Click for bio

Richard Gueterbock has spent 15 years in the biogas sector - in marketing, sales and business development roles and prior to that in the agri-food sector. Active in bio-energy and the bio-economy, he is a respected advocate of a more circular, low carbon economy. He championed on-site digestion for industrial sites, as well as for farm and community deployment. Richard was Sales and Marketing Director of Clearfleau, a British supplier of digestion systems for food and beverage processing residues and led the development of its innovative on-site, liquid digestion systems. A Trustee of the Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE - 2009 to 2015), he commissioned reports on Farm Scale AD and The Farm as an Energy Source. A former Government adviser, Richard has been involved in developing bio-energy policy and is a Fellow of the Royal Agricultural Societies (FRAgS).

Charlotte Morton

Charlotte Morton
ADBA (Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association)

Click for bio

A practising lawyer for 10 years, Charlotte Morton studied for her MBA at London Business School before setting up a car club business. Asked to establish the business side of the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association in 2009, she saw the potential of an industry that can deliver huge potential and value to the UK. Given the even bigger global potential, which must be achieved if the Paris climate change targets and UN Sustainable Development Goals are to be met, Charlotte played a pivotal role in establishing the World Biogas Association in 2016 to promote and increase the rate of uptake of biogas globally. Charlotte is also on the board of Green Gas Trading Ltd, which runs the Biomethane Certification Scheme.

Peter Magielse

Peter Magielse

Click for bio

I’m graduated in 1989 as an electromechanical engineer.

Started in the automotive world as automation engineer of the production lines at Opel, VW.

Medio 1993 I started at OWS for the exploitation of the anaërobic digestion plant DRANCO1 at Brecht.

After 4 years start-up of several AD-plants for OWS in Europe and Japan.

Since June 1998 working for IGEAN as projectengineer to built the AD-plant with wastewater treatment plant and operate them. Involved with the start-up and operation of 24 recycling parks and the collection services in 2015 with 36 trucks (11 on CNG).

Bruno Mattheeuws

Bruno Mattheeuws

Click for bio

- graduated in 2003 as an environmental engineer
- 3 years and a half policy officer at a Belgian NGO for stimulating biogas
- Worked in Honduras & Colombia with biogas from palm oil fruit
- Since May 2008 working for OWS in the Marketing Department
- author of State of the Art studies about anaerobic digestion of household waste in Europe

Harm Grobrügge

Harm Grobrügge
European Biogas Association

Click for bio

Harm Grobrügge operates his family’s farm in Northern Germany with an on-farm biogas plant installed in 1983. He has been active in the Fachverband Biogas since 1985 at various positions: Regional spokesman, Board member, representative with BEE (German Renewable Energy Federation), associate to the Clearingstelle-EEG. Harm Grobrügge is a President of EBA since 2019 and was its Vice-President since its founding in 2009 until 2019.

Dirk Focroul

Dirk Focroul
Product Manager
Fluxys Belgium

Click for bio

As a chemistry engineer I have been working for Fluxys Belgium for more than 20 years. I started at the dispatching where I developed flow-planning and demand forecasting models, then evolved to regulatory officer, and since 10 years product manager in the commercial department where I worked on storage & LNG and since 2 years on green gas.

Markus Ott

Markus Ott p.p.a.
VP Sales
Agraferm GmbH

Click for bio

Markus Ott has spent 25 years in the biogas sector. He joined the Agraferm Group, a German technology provider and plant constructor in 2007. First being MD of Agraferm´s waste related branch BTA International he now is Agraferm´s Vice President Sales for the gobal sales activites in the agro- and food sector. Before that, Markus was Vice MD of the German Biogas Ass. and over 10 years employed at Schmack Biogas, responsible for public & political relations, sales manager Austria and product manager gas analyzing systems.

From 2000 until 2005 he was elected VP of the German Biogas Ass.. As such he was in charge of the industrial members and represented their interests in the associations lobbying work. He also chaired Advisory Committees such as the Legal, the Financing or the Company A.C.. Further, he was Member of several panels of the German Engeineers Association and Umweltrat of the Umweltbank in Nuremberg. Markus Ott studied in Munich and Marburg and holds a graduate diploma in chemistry.



Sponsors & Exhibitors


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Consumers increasingly value products, packaging and fuels produced from sustainable resources. Sustainable technology company Anellotech wants to help meet this demand by commercializing technology for the production of cost-competitive renewable chemicals and fuels.

Anellotech’s patented Bio-TCat™ process produces 100% bio-based BTX (i.e. benzene, toluene and xylene) ‘drop-in’ aromatic chemicals, offering a solution to the lack of efficient, scalable processes for producing BTX from renewable, non-food biomass. In addition to BTX, Bio-TCat technology produces a heavier aromatics product, which can be used as bio-marine fuel, or can be upgraded to make diesel or jet fuel blendstocks.

Anellotech was founded in 2008 and has raised US$80 million in cash and in-kind contributions to date. These considerable investments come from our highly-motivated strategic partners, who are working alongside us to develop and commercialize Bio-TCat, our efficient, eco-friendly thermal catalytic process which helps chemical producers and brand owners economically meet environmental sustainability goals. A recent Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) review of Anellotech’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), by Jacobs Engineering Group showed that renewably-sourced Bio-TCat products produce significantly lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to identical petro-based chemicals.

Anellotech’s bio-aromatics are currently produced using loblolly pine feedstock from the southern United States at Anellotech’s T-Cat8® pilot plant in Silsbee, Texas. Commercially-viable process yields and catalyst performance have been demonstrated and TCat-8 has shown stable, consistent and safe process operations in multi-month studies. As a result, Anellotech has begun planning for scale-up design and engineering of a commercial plant.

Anellotech’s world-class R&D team is jointly developing the Bio-TCat process through long-term partnerships with leaders in process development, catalysis, engineering design, and licensing. Anellotech’s alliance network includes:

  • Johnson Matthey, a global specialty chemicals company which is co-developing and providing catalysts for the development program and will manufacture catalysts for commercial use
  • IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), the French public research entity, is collaborating with Anellotech throughout the process development program.
  • Axens, an international provider of licensed advanced technologies, is our partner for commercialization, global licensing, basic engineering design, start-up and technical support for licensees.
  • Suntory, one of the world’s leading consumer beverage companies, has partnered with Anellotech to advance the development and commercialization of cost-competitive bio-aromatics, including bio-paraxylene, the key component needed to make a 100 percent bio-based PET beverage bottles
  • Toyota Tsusho Corporation, is the Toyota Group's general trading company that develops diversified businesses. Toyota Tsusho announced publicly its investment in Anellotech in July 2016.  

Want to find out more about Anellotech? Contact us to request a copy of an overview presentation about Anellotech and the Bio-TCat process.


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Nature Energy

Nature Energy Biogas – Biomethane production environmentally and economically sustainable
Nature Energy has clear goals in developing and operating large scale biogas facilities. This results in efficient biogas and biomethane production and ensures society gets the highest sustainable yield.

We develop and operate biogas facilities in all parts of Denmark, locally run, and centrally monitored. Biogas plants such as this one help to consolidate the renewable energy industry in Europe and contribute to low-carbon development by reducing fossil fuel dependence with a clean and viable alternative.

Nature Energy market the produced biomethane to various consumers in Europe. Examples of these are major car manufacturer, Utilities adding biomethane to the natural gas mix, to the production of biomethanol, and for CNG driven buses and garbage trucks throughout Denmark.


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STX Commodities is an international environmental commodities liquidity provider. STX’s mission is to facilitate energy producers, utilities, industrials, oil majors and corporates in Europe and North America to manage their environmental portfolio by offering market access and tailored solutions. STX has built an extensive network and knowledge in European biomethane and electricity market and is therefore able to offer a wide range of products and arbitrage opportunities. Visit


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About Shell New Energies
Shell established its New Energies division in 2016. Shell New Energies focuses on two main areas: new fuels for transport, such as advanced biofuels and hydrogen; and power, being involved at almost every stage of the process, from generating electricity, to buying and selling it, to supplying it directly to customers. Shell aims to make electricity a significant part of its business. Shell’s New Energies business is seeking to leverage the company’s strengths in fast-growing and commercial parts of the energy industry. For more information, go to

Royal Dutch Shell plc
Royal Dutch Shell plc is incorporated in England and Wales, has its headquarters in The Hague and is listed on the London, Amsterdam, and New York stock exchanges. Shell companies have operations in more than 70 countries and territories with businesses including oil and gas exploration and production; production and marketing of liquefied natural gas and gas to liquids; manufacturing, marketing and shipping of oil products and chemicals and renewable energy projects. For further information, visit


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SCB is the world’s largest biofuel brokerage group of companies and is a market leader in European Grains and Softs as well as carbon reduction credit markets. Founded in 2006, the company’s goal is to promote the adoption of a low carbon future. As broker, SCB connects buyers and sellers of commodities across the globe covering both physical and derivative markets. We serve the commodities industry through increased price transparency and by lowering trading costs. Our commitment is to a relentless pursuit of our clients’ goals. Our integrity guides us, and our clients benefit from our focused vision. SCB Group has offices in Chicago, Puerto Rico, London, Nyon and Singapore. The firm also offers global expertise in RINS and other government credit markets as well as glycerine, UCO, tallow and paper swaps on biofuels.


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Texaco Havoline

Texaco Havoline has been established in Europe for over 100 years. Havoline engine oils have delivered advanced technology, outstanding engine protection and proven performance since 1904. Today, Havoline with Deposit ShieldTM technology continues to protect engines against harmful deposits, help improve performance and optimise fuel economy.

Texaco Havoline range of products includes high performance engine oils, transmission fluids and antifreeze and coolants.


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Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas has been shaping a world of trust for over 190 years.

We are a world leading inspection and testing organisation for the growing commodities industry. Focused on our clients, we’re driven by society and the industries we serve.

Our global network of state-of-the-art laboratories located at every major shipping port and petroleum terminal hub, offer independent laboratory testing and related services across Oil & Petrochemicals, Metals & Minerals and Agriculture & Food markets.

Our experts offer invaluable industry experience with the added value of local knowledge, specific to each region we represent.





Corrocoat Ltd
We manufacture and apply glass flake coatings to protect equipment from corrosion in aggressive areas. We work heavily in the BIO-ENERGY market and have proven success in protecting many areas. Ducting, stacks, pipework, tanks, vessels, concrete and work in the baghouse We have 37 operation around the world and can save you time and money by using our systems which provide long term protection in aggressive service environments.

Dorset Green Machines


Dorset Green Machines, a Dutch machine manufacturing enterprise. Our focus is on “commercially attractive solutions for treatment of biomass waste products”.

We are specialists in using available residual heat for drying biomasses, such as:

   - manure,
   - digestate,
   - woodchips,
   - sewage sludge,
   - other biomasses

Dorset produces anything from plug-and-play solutions up to complete processing factories.

Dorset manufactures complete pelleting plants in plug-and-play container solutions. Pelletizing makes the dried product more marketable and significantly decreases the volume.

Other treatment options we offer:

   - Vacuum evaporation can be used for effective separation of water from substance.
   - Pyrolysis for processing biomass into ash, oil and gas.

Our dryers are frequently provided with biological or chemical Air Cleaning, which reduce odour, dust and ammonia emissions.

Let us know the material you want to process and what your situation is. We will tell you what solutions we would recommend.

Weverij 26
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)543 472103



Stocker lndustrie has been providing service to customers since 1952. We offer products from Bacharach, Danfoss-Safag, Monarch, MRU, De/taOhm, as well as our own manufactured Spirafiltre line of oil and hydraulic filters.

We specialise in providing equipment which improves efficiency and reliability in all oil and hydraulic pumping and filtration systems. We offer a full range of equipment including:

- high capacity/pressure pumping systems
- fluid dynamic based filters
- advanced combustion analysers
- precision nozzles

All of our products are provided with Stocker lndustrie's full service and maintenance coverage which reduces downtime and unplanned service interruptions.

Our Mission

We deliver the highest quality and most reliable products for you, our customers.

We work closely with you for the long-term so we can anticipate your changing needs and can provide solutions in the shortest time possible.

The Oil Market Journal


The Oil Market Journal was founded with the aim of providing large volume oil buyers with reliable intraday assessments on Rotterdam Spot Market trading in refined products such as road diesel, gasoline, heating oil and jet fuel.

The OMJ has expanded rapidly and today offers a broad range of biofuel and feedstock prices, news and analysis which are delivered to clients via a suite of innovative delivery systems.

The company is managed by a team of experienced oil and technology professionals and has a proven track record of combining accurate market analysis with reliable intra price assessments and innovative technologies.



Changing the world through biotech - Ductor

Our groundbreaking technology revolutionizes the biogas industry while addressing major global issues surrounding waste management, increased food demand and clean energy needs.



We are a family-owned enterprise based in Neckarsulm-Obereisesheim, Germany, which manufactures high quality and durable portable and stationary Emission Monitoring Systems for the HVAC / Installers market and industrial applications. Our wide range of products includes instruments for mobile and stationary gas analysis, biogas and syngas analysis, automotive exhaust gas analysis as well as precision digital manometers.

MRU was founded on 1st, June 1984 with just two employees and developed into a nationally as well as internationally respected enterprise. At its headquarters in Neckarsulm-Obereisesheim, MRU develops, produces and sells Emission Monitoring Systems for portable and stationary use all around the world. Today MRU Emission Monitoring Systems are being exported in more than 70 countries worldwide.



SARETCO is a French company specialized in supplying spare parts for Waste-To-Energy (WTE) plants (Pushers, Grates ...) for over 35 years.

With its maxim “Let's not waste our waste”, a source of energy, company has innovated numerous solutions to deal with the operator’s daily problems that ensure a long life and reduction of maintenance costs, and patented a number of combustion grate designs.



Gazpack BV was founded in 2006 as a daughter company of Airpack Netherlands BV and has since developed a unique system for upgrading biomass to green gas. The patented Sulaway® system is unique in its kind because it produces no waste; all outputs of the process are reusable. It’s a regenerative process that separates the sulphur from the biogas or oil gas, producing almost pure and usable sulphur gas and clean gas without any waste.

The Gazpack Sulaway® system can be applied in various gas streams and processes. Due to the modular building configuration and custom engineering, the Gazpack Sulaway® system can be integrated into any existing facilities and manufactured according client requirements. Our experience in both oil and gas industry as well as the agricultural sector allows us to build the best suitable installation for the required application.



Bees, a specialist bio-event organiser, is an independent company operating within a network of international strategic partnerships to actively raise the profile and uptake of bioenergy and the bioeconomy worldwide. In the context of current and the predicted future effects of climate change, Bees is driven by the simple conviction that we must act and act now to implement sustainable solutions to this “life as we know it” threat - solutions such as those offered by the bioeconomy and bioenergy. Our current event portfolio includes bio360, the Salon Bois Energie (wood energy), Biogaz Europe and ReGen Europe.



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Bioenergy Insight

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FREE plant tour for all delegates

EngieNetworking really is at its best with the ENGIE plant tour at Les Awirs kicking off this year's Biogas Congress & Expo.

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Only 40 places available so reserve your seat NOW and take advantage of the 10% Earlybird discount. Tour date 21 October 2019

The Engie PlantAlways seen as a great ice breaker - begin networking at this year’s event with the Engie plant tour.

The Les Awirs power plant is located on the left side of the Meuse, upstream of the industrial area of Liège. By 1973 it developed a power of 670 MW distributed among five groups; the main fuels were coal and natural gas. Three units have been definitively decommissioned in 1998. Whilst unit 5 is still powered by natural gas, unit 4 experienced in 2005 an unprecedented conversion: coal has been completely replaced by wood residues as fuel, a world first!

Join your fellow delegates and speakers and really get to know them before the conference and expo starts on the 22nd October.

The next day following the conference, we have a networking drinks reception. These are just some of the FREE networking opportunities we have lined up for you this year, all included in your delegate pass. And don’t forget your pass gives you free access to the concurrent Biomass Congress & Expo & the Biofuels International Conference & Expo, now in its 12th year.


Save €1,395 - 3 for 2 -Only pay for 2 delegates when registering 3 from your companyThe 2019 delegate rates start from €699 + vat for one day or €1,395 + vat for 2 days.

All fees include lunches, networking functions and post event access to presentations.

Please note that delegates have full access to both the Bioenergy Conferences and the Biofuels International Conference at no extra cost. You only need to register once for all events.

If you would like to attend any of the other conferences please let us know so we can plan space requirements accordingly.

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